Roof Top Tent Shipping

How Our Shipping Process Works

We work with YRC Freight to ship all of our tents. Once your RTT shipment leaves our warehouse in Fernandina Beach, FL, we’ll email you with your shipper’s contact information and a tracking number (called a “PRO” number), which can be tracked here.

Scheduling Your RTT Delivery

If you chose to have your shipment delivered to your residence, the freight carrier will call you to schedule the final delivery, and it’s important that you schedule delivery for when you know you’ll be home as you will need to inspect the package for any visible damage and sign for the delivery. Keep in mind that you should open up the package and inspect (prior to signing the paperwork) for any unfavorable damages that may have been caused during shipping. Note: While the delivery services are generally good about calling to schedule delivery, we recommend you call them proactively to schedule your delivery.

Receiving Your RTT Delivery

When the delivery company arrives, they’ll pull the box off the truck and ask you to sign the delivery ticket to clear the delivery. Note: Once signed, you may not be able to make a damage claim to the freight company if damage caused by shipping is found.


  • Take your time and carefully inspect the box for any visible damage to it or the tent. While it’s rare for any tent to arrive with damage, it, unfortunately, does happen on occasion. We recommend un-packaging the tent to make sure there isn't any shipping damage.
  • Note: The driver will not assist in inspection and may even make you feel rushed, but don’t allow him/her to affect your careful inspection.
  • If there is no damage, you can accept and sign for your delivery.

If you notice surface damage to the tent box (punctures, indentions, etc.):

  • Take photos of those areas and note the details of what you see on the delivery ticket prior to accepting the delivery.
  • Un-pack the tent and inspect for damage.
  • If damage is found, you may refuse the shipment.
  • If no damage is present, sign the delivery ticket.
  • Then, take a photo of the signed delivery ticket with the damage noted and email the photos of the damage and signed delivery ticket to
  • We will review all items noted and work with you to resolve them.

If you notice what you think could be extreme damage, please refuse the tent delivery (the box is smashed up, visible tent damage inside the box, etc.):.

  • Take photos of the damaged areas, refuse the delivery, and then immediately email photos to We’ll review the situation and discuss the next steps.