Ambassador Program


Welcome to Outer Tents! We're assuming you've landed on this page to find more info on our ambassador program - you've come to the right spot!

We are teaming up with Instagram and YouTube users to help promote our company. We’re offering a huge discount on our tent line-up, in exchange for users to promote the tents on their Instagram or YouTube profile.

We're offering a large discount on any three of our tents for this ambassador program, in exchange for performing the following for at least two months after the ambassador receives the tent:

We’d offer you a large discount on any three of our tents, and would require that you do the following for at least 2 months after you receive your tent:

1 Tag our tent in any photo that has our tent shown

2 Post at least 5 pictures with our tent in the picture, and tag @outertents in the photos and in the description of the photos

3 Use our hashtag (#outertents) in any post that has our tent shown

4 Place a story highlight named “OuterTents” in your profile highlighting story posts of our tents

5 Help us with any current campaigns by reposting our posts (This is not required, but would be encouraged)

6 Place an exclusive discount code in your bio

If this collaboration suits you, please reach out to us at If you have an open conversation with us elsewhere, please message us back at whichever platform was used.